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Campus ORG ; is the only authorized agency of Campus ORG in all the Middle East Region.

CampusORG®, is a travel agency licensed by Tursab with license number 8251 connected to Zelos Tourism  . And member of  WYSTC (World Youth Student Travel Confederation)

Campus ORG founded in 2009 in Istanbul and start to undertake more than 70 schools Turkey’s domestic and international tourism organizations around the world. In addition we are responsible for organizing tours of Europe’s most important educational institutions , especially in German,Switzerland,France and all around Europe .

With our huge international organization spearhead by Oman Travel Center and Campus ORG we are  holding organizations including the workshops organized by CERN,NASA,New York Film Academy,The Max Planck Institute,Edinburg International Science Festival,Airbus Plane Factory,Euro Space Center as the World’s largest science and art institutions.

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Head Office of GCC

Head Office of GCC: Oman Travel Centre , Muscat , Sultanate of Oman

Adress: Bait Al Reem Business Center, 6th Floor, Office No:108, P.O Box 148, P.C 102, Muscat , Sultanate of  Oman

Al Thaqafa Street , Building No: 81, Way: 2409

Office Telephone: 00968 2440 3785

Office Fax: 00968 2469 2308

Office Mobile: 00968 9099 6202

Our Web Sites:

www.campusorg-gcc.com ( Educational Trips)

www.omanvacationcenter.com(Oman Wholesaler B2B Channel)

# NOBLE OMAN by Oman Tourism College

We are proud to announce our cooperation with # NOBLE OMAN as their preferred partner

Mr. Dr. Don Anton Robles Balida

Coordinator, Co-Curricular Activities

E-Mail:  don.anton@otc.edu.om

Office Telephone: +968 2451 2362

Office Fax: +968 2451 2349

Mobile: +968 9283 4948


Our Overseas Offices

Switzerland – Geneva

France – Paris

England – London

Italy – Rome

Turkey – Istanbul – Trabzon

Oman – Muscat

We are proud to announce our cooperation with # NOBLE Oman as their preferred partner .

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We made a very first in Oman &  GCC  ! 

More than 70 well-established high school , middle school , elementary school all around the World !
More than 20 well-established school in Europe !
More than 10,000 satisfied customers all around the world!
More than 70 destinations all over the world !

We at press

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We are realizing and organizing FIRSTS in Oman!

We organized NASA Student Trip as first at 2011. We organize special programs by establishing relation between us and National Aeronautics and Space Administration. We have prepared several workshops which goes on days at NASA where base in the US State of Florida.
CampusORG NASA Turu

National Aeronautics and Space Administration

CampusORG Nasa Turu

Campus ORG provides an offical trip to NASA by participating in a workshop and offers to live an unique experince for understanding space.

Look NASA Tour

Conseil Européenne pour la Recherche Nucléaire

CampusORG CERN Turu

Campus ORG mediate the realization of the dream of everyone who wants to visit CERN from Europe to Amerika and all overseas countries and our country , Sultanate of Oman . Oman Travel Center is providing professional tourism services with a strong infrastructure in the region .

Look CERN Tour
In collaboration with the European Organisation for Nuclear Research Center CERN (Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire) , we launced the first offical technical visits ever in 2009. And we become CERN’s official tourism partner .
CampusORG CERN Turu